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drawrace 2 hd

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Krashlander, Quick Math, DrawRace 2 And More

Today’s AGF list includes a physics-based arcade game, a math game, and a racing game.

Today's Apps Gone Free: DrawRace 2, Blux Camera, Grimm's Hansel And Gretel And More

Today's AGF list includes a racing game, a camera app, and an interactive pop-up book.

RedLynx Optimizes DrawRace 2 And Attempts To Reduce Multiplayer Cheating

RedLynx has decided to do overall optimizations and attempt to reduce multiplayer cheating by implementing a teleport time penalty.

DrawRace 2 Speeds Into The App Store, Where Unique Racing Meets Maturity

Created by RedLynx and published by Chillingo, DrawRace 2 is the awaited sequel to RedLynx's unique racing game developed exclusively for iOS.