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SmartFuel iPhone App Finds The Cheapest Fuel, So You Don't Have To

If you're a car owner, you'll no doubt know that the price of gasoline can greatly vary from station to station. Fortunately, an iPhone app called "SmartFuel" can help. The clever application uses GPS to find the cheapest gas near you, and what's more, the app has just received an impressive update.

Joe White

New AppList: Your iPhone Driving Assistant

Do you spend countless hours driving? Are you frustrated by the time you waste behind the wheel? What if your trip could be more enjoyable and more productive? Well, thanks to some clever apps you can do all this and more. Before using these apps, you should look into finding a car mount solution. Discover what you can do behind the wheel with your iPhone in this AppList.

Tim Chaten

Fuzz Alert is an app that literally warns drivers of potential speed and law enforcement checkpoints. One such law enforcement checkpoint got the app a lot of negative attention by politicians; and even prompted Apple to look into the matter. That culprit was a DUI checkpoint. The app allows users to pinpoint these spots; four senators, along with RIM, want it gone.

Mike Lata

Review: Country Driver

We sneak peeked Country Driver, and now you can pick it up for $0.99. Should You? How does hitting sheep with a car play on the iPhone? Read on to find out.

Staff Writer

Review: JellyCar 2 - Plus Video Review

Jelly Car is one of the best free games ever, and now there’s a paid sequel. Does it do enough to make it worth the price upgrade? It jumped to the top spot quicker than any app ever, is it worth the hype? Read on to find out.

Staff Writer

Review: Adaptunes

Do you ever wonder to yourself: I am going to speed up, I wish my stereo could adjust volume to the speed. I know I have. Well, wonder no more Adaptunes is here.

Staff Writer