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Never misplace another link, save and sync with Linkpack

Keep all of your saved links together and access them from anywhere with this convenient tool.

Jukebox is an ad-free offline music player for Dropbox

Got a Dropbox account? Then consider downloading Jukebox, a smart iOS app for music lovers.

Dropbox announces plans to shutter its Mailbox and Carousel apps

The cloud storage company said both services will disappear early next year.

Save PDF versions of websites to your Dropbox with a new update

Version 4.1 also adds Touch ID support when using App Extensions.

Dropbox creates its own document editing platform, Paper

How popular this new document collaboration platform will be is still up in the air.

Your phone number gets smart with a new Burner update

With Burner Connections, you can link a number to applications like Slack, Dropbox, and others.

10 great 3D Touch-enabled apps to try out on your new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus

The new technology can detect exactly how much pressure is being applied to the phone display.

A Dropbox update brings new features for iOS 9 and iPhone 6s users

Along with 3D Touch support, all iOS 9 users can see Dropbox files in the Spotlight search on their iPhone or iPad.

Dropbox competition? Amazon Cloud Drive app launches for iOS

Move over Dropbox, Amazon is entering the storage app market.

The best way to manage all your photos

With great photos becoming easier to capture, how are you keeping yours safe and organized?

Apple Essentials: 5 ways to backup your iOS device

You really should be backing up your mobile devices.

The 7 best iPhone and iPad file manager apps

Organize, share, and sync your items easily with these awesome file management apps.

Dropbox update allows users to comment on files and brings a revamped home view

Users will also soon be able to create Microsoft Office documents directly from the app.

Dropbox announces new commenting feature for the Web app

The Dropbox Web app receives a commenting update that's also coming to mobile soon.

5 important apps to get stuff done

Get organized with these five apps to keep you in the zone.

You can now access Facebook Messenger for Web using this standalone Mac app

The unofficial Messenger for Mac app essentially presents the source webpage within a sandboxed browser.

Digital photography storage solutions that stand the test of time

There are many digital photography storage solutions. Here are four of the best.

How to use Dropbox's Carousel for photo management

Combining photos from individual iOS devices into one shareable album was a problem until Carousel by Dropbox came to the rescue.

Dropbox users can now open shared links directly from the iOS app

The cloud storage service continues to get even better for iPhone and iPad users.

Dropbox update brings a powerful and handy iOS 8 share extension

With version 3.7 of the app, users can save files from a number of apps directly to their Dropbox.

Apple's new Photos for Mac application could be hurt by storage costs, or present an opportunity

Photos for Mac is likely to be released later this year. It will replace iPhoto and Aperture.

Dropbox acquires startup behind popular document-editing app CloudOn

As a result of its merging with Dropbox, CloudOn is scheduled to shut down its service on March 15.

Dropbox for Mac to soon drop support for OS X 10.5 Leopard or older

Dropbox is set to discontinue offering its official Mac app on devices running on certain older versions of OS X.

Dropbox's Carousel update lets you easily free up space and relive your memories

Dropbox has just put a bow on the latest update to its Carousel gallery app.