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ea sports

Madden NFL Mobile lands on the App Store offering tons of football action

The iOS version of the popular franchise allows gamers to build their ultimate NFL team.

Real Players, Real Teams, Real Leagues: FIFA 14 By EA Sports Now Available On iOS

The latest edition in the Electronic Art's hugely popular FIFA video game series has finally hit iOS.

Still In The Game, EA Mobile's FIFA Soccer 12 Arrives In The App Store

EA is the premiere provider of game franchises for nearly every sport out there, but today, the cheers will be made by all of you soccer fans with the release of FIFA Soccer 12.

EA Releases Madden NFL 12 For iPhone And iPad

Check out EA's Madden NFL 12 for iPhone and iPad. The game has recently hit the App Store and offers all 32 NFL teams to choose from with over 2,500 real NFL players. Even the stadiums are modeled after their real life counterparts.

Madden 12 Arrives Tomorrow On iPhone/iPod touch And iPad

EA Sports is about to release Madden NFL 12, the latest version of one of the company’s most popular sports titles. The game arrives beginning tomorrow, August 30, across multiple platforms in the U.S., including on iDevices.

EA Releases NBA Jam For iPad

NBA Jam for iPad is being released in its native high-res glory. The game is already out in New Zealand and should be coming to an App Store near you soon.

GDC 11: EA Packs a Punch with Upcoming Games

EA showed up at GDC dressed to impress with a great lineup of upcoming iOS games. With Tiger Woods '12, and several other imaginative titles forthcoming, you will want to have the inside scoop on what EA will be up to this year. Click through to read more!

Fight Night Champion Hits The App Store

EA's heavy-hitting boxing sim, Fight Night Champion, is now available in the App Store.

Madden NFL 11 Is Free, With A Huge Catch

Ahead of this weekend's NFL league championship games, EA Sports is offering us an interesting gift. For a limited time, you can download and play Madden NFL 11 for the iPhone/iPod touch for free. Exciting news? Not really.

Review: NBA Elite 2011 - Slam Dunk?

NBA season is back, and EA Sports is back with NBA Elite 2011. Does the game improve upon last year's NBA Live? Read on to find out.

MMA By EA Sports: Become The Mixed Martial Arts Champion You've Always Dreamed To Be

EA Sports brings the full intensity of mixed martial arts fighting to your pocket-sized iDevice. MMA features more than 20 professional fighters, four fighting-ring styles, two gameplay modes, and Retaina display quality graphics.

NCAA Football By EA Sports Is On Sale For $.99 Today Only

Professional football athletes and fans are not the only ones getting excited lately. College football is also in full stride, and EA is celebrating that fact by putting NCAA Football on sale for its lowest price ever!