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East Coast Pixels

ColorBlast! HD Gets An Update - Plus, Win A Promo Code!

Now you can selectively color photos on your iPad with ColorBlast! HD. Take advantage of the iPad's larger screen to easily lend your creative touch to photos. East Coast Pixels, the creators of ColorBlast! for iPhone, which we reviewed back in October, have come out with an iPad version. Read on to enter to win a copy.

Karen Freeman

QuickAdvice: Selectively Colorize Your Photos With ColorBlast!

ColorBlast! is a cool selective photo colorization app. You can make a photo black and white with just a shot of the original color, like ColorSplash, but ColorBlast! takes it a step further. You can change the color of the highlighted area to an entirely new color. You are also not tied to a black and white background -- you can use the original background color, or sepia, cobalt, and more.

Karen Freeman