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ebook reader

Oyster is closing the book on their subscription service

It’s time to say good-bye to this popular book reading app.

Manga Rock 2 Is The Go-To App For Thousands Of Titles, And It's Free

Read thousands of manga books for free with this easy-to-use app.

Apple "Walled Garden" More Like A Vineyard, Sour Grapes And All

iFlow Reader has condemned Apple for its bitter demise, shrugging off any semblance of even modest accountability.

MegaReader: Now The First eBook Reader With HUD Technology

Inkstone Software has taken it upon themselves to add an interesting feature to their eBook reader app, MegaReader. The latest version includes one additional "starter" book and six new color schemes, including one that uses a new head-up display ability.

Stanza eBook Reader Update Makes Reading Even Easier With iOS 4 And iPhone 4

Read easier and more conveniently with Retina display and multitasking support additions to the latest Stanza eBook reader release.

Stanza eBook Reader Adds New Languages, Formats, and iPad Support

Lexcycle's acclaimed and free e-book reader, Stanza, has gained support for two new languages, three new file formats, and our beloved iPads.