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Sprint To 'One Up' The Competition With Its Own Early Upgrade Plan

Sprint is set to launch its own "early upgrade" program, called One Up.

Today's Apps Gone Free: Nationwide Craigslist Pro, Scorched Monster, Burn The City, And More

Today's AGF list includes an app for searching Craigslist, a retro platformer, and a game that has you burning cities to the ground.

iOS Apps Gone Free: Edge, Monkey Island Tales 1, Fara, And More

Today's AGF list includes a cubed platform game, an adventure game, and an action RPG.

Popular iOS Apps And Games On Sale For A Limited Time

EA has placed a whole bunch of their iPad games on sale for a limited time, with prices ranging from $2.99 all the way down to $.99. We also have a nice selection of photography apps, children's books, and hit games from some of the smaller App Store developers.

Edge Follow-Up About To Hit The App Store

The sequel to controversial iPhone game, "Edge," is about to be released on the App Store. It is coming Thursday, August 25, and will offer support for the iPad as well as iPhone. The original was embroiled in controversy due to copyright battles over its title.

Mobigame Announces Edge Extended For iPhone

Although details remain sparse, Mobigame is expected to release Edge Extended sometime this summer. The game will be a follow-up to the company's popular Edge game for the iPhone/iPod touch. The Paris, France-based company made the announcement via its Twitter feed.

Review: Perfect Cell - Fight For Survival

You play as the Perfect Cell trying to escape from a submarine base, and destroy everything in your way not taking no for an answer. From the makers of Edge comes a new take on action iOS games. Read on o find out all about it.

Mobigame's Edge Gains iPad And Retina Display Support

With that nasty trademark dispute finally out of the way, Mobigame has been able to focus on bringing new features and enhancements to their acclaimed puzzle platformer, and that's just what they have done with the first substantial update to Edge since May.

iPhone 4 Users: How's Your Battery Life?

While the iPhone 4 boasts a larger battery than any previous iPhone, it also brings with it several new features that could be battery draining. So, just how does battery life stack up in the real world compared to its predecessors?

Reception Issues? There's A Wrap For That

There's an old saying about finding solutions that goes: "there's more than one way to skin a cat." When it comes to iPhone 4 reception problems, there is more than one way to skin that, too.

Review: Trucker's Delight: Episode 1 - Help Jack The Lonely Truck Driver

Trucker's Delight: Episode 1 is based on a popular music video and now you take the wheel of an 18 wheeler tracking down a hot blonde. Does it compare to the music video, and how does it rate as a game alone?

Mobigame's Edge Makes A Triumphant Return To The App Store, On Sale For $.99

Mobigame's Edge is back in the U.S. and UK App Stores after a long trademark dispute. To celebrate, it's on sale for only $.99 this entire weekend.

Review: Cross Fingers - Just Released Today

Cross Fingers is a brand new game from Mobigames, the developers of Edge, and the game was released today. It's a twist on the tangram style puzzle that will require you to cross your fingers using the iPhone multi-touch. Is it worth $0.99? It it even more? Click through to find out.

MLB At Bat To Stream Video Of Live Games Over 3G Starting Tomorrow

Yes, it's true. Go ahead, give the headline another look - no one would blame you for not believing it.