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educational games

Rescue the Snortles in Jump! A Game of Numbers

Kids can have fun practicing math while saving cute creatures.

Help your kids master arithmetic with Monster Math 2

This educational game is a great way to help kids practice their math skills.

DNA Play lets kids create silly monsters as they learn

Help your kids learn about DNA as they create tons of goofy creatures in this upbeat new educational game.

Magic is made at the register in Change Wizard, a challenging but addictive math game

You'll never look at coins the same way again after playing Change Wizard.

SPIN - A Challenge For The Mind Is The Ultimate Throwback To Simon

How many hexagons can you correctly tap in order before your memory fails you?

How Many Words Can You Form Before The Time Bomb Blows?

Are you ready to face the ultimate word challenge? Form as many words as possible to beat the level before a time bomb detonates.

Loot Pursuit: Pompeii Makes Math A Thrilling Ancient Roman Adventure

Outsmart robbers to save artifacts in this ancient Rome-themed math game. Reveals The Truth About Your Vocabulary Skills And Helps You Improve's app will teach you everything you thought you needed to know about words and more.

It's Time For Young Scientists To Explore The Toca Lab

Young scientists should absolutely love Toca Boca's latest game.

Quirky App Of The Day: How Well Do You Know The Human Organ?

Learn about where different organs and glands are in your body by racing the clock to put them in the right place.

A Chance To Win A Puzzingo Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

AppAdvice has teamed up with 77SPARX in order to offer you a chance to win Puzzingo for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Trick Your Kids Into Learning Math With mR. Hippo’s Maths Adventure: Addition HD

The new, mR. Hippo’s Maths Adventure: Addition HD is an iPad-only educational app that makes math exercises fun for primary school children who are learning addition.

A Chance To Win A Mathoku For iPad Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

AppAdvice has teamed up with Kairos Development Co in order to offer you a chance to win one of five promo codes for Mathoku ($1.99) for iPad.

Pop Your Way To Mathematician Status With Poppin' Frenzy

Students learning basic math can practice their skills with this educational game.

Frogs, Food and Fun Equals Frog Minutes

Frogs are often a childhood fascination. If you have a frog lover in the family, this app is worth the investment.