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Turn Ordinary Photos Into Fun Creations With These iPhone Apps

Spice up your snapshots with the help of these extraordinarily fun photo apps.

AppGuide Updated: Video Recording Apps

The built-in video camera app on the iPhone and iPod touch are great. There are some benefits other apps can provide. This AppGuide will focus on showcasing the best apps for capturing video on the iPhone or iPod touch.

FX Photo Studio HD for iPad Gets Big Update - Plus, You Could Win A Copy!

The developers of photo editing/effects/filters FX Photo Studio app suite never fail to bring us regular and substantive updates. Now, they’ve come out with an update for their iPad app, FX Photo Studio HD.

True HDR Gets Incredible Update - Plus, You Could Win A Copy!

True HDR, already a very nice HDR app, has gotten some intriguing new features that set it apart from other HDR apps.

Win A Copy Of FX Photo Studio For iPhone Or For Mac!

FX Photo Studio has gotten a great new update. And now, we've teamed with the developer to offer our readers promo codes for the iPhone version AND the Mac version.

Photo Filter App FX Photo Studio Gets A Big Update

Do you like to apply filters and effects to your photos? If you don’t already have FX Photo Studio, you may want to check it out now. They’ve just released a major update with tons of new features. You can read our original review here to see what this app is all about.

Artographo Combines Art And Photography - Plus, You Could Win A Copy!

Artographo is a wonderful new app for photography and art enthusiasts. Take any photo and turn it into a work of art! Paint each effect on with your finger, so you control the outcome. With a variety of cartoon, watercolor, and photo effects, you’ll have a lot of fun and perhaps create something beautiful.

LensFlare Updated: Adds Two New Flare Types - "SuperFlare" & "Transformers"

LensFlare ($0.99) is an iPhone application that allows users to enhance photographs by adding lens flares. Recently, the application received an update (version 7.0) adding two new kinds of flares: “SuperFlare” and “Transformers.”

QuickAdvice - Top Camera Could Replace Many Of Your Photo Apps - And You Could Win A Copy!

Top Camera is a cool new app from the developers of popular art app ArtStudio. With an attractive user interface and tons of great features, this app may convince you to dump a slew of other photography apps. Top Camera helps you take better photos, edit them, add effects, and share your results.

After Cam Gives You The Better Blur

Wouldn't it be great if motion could be captured in a single image? After Image Cam is the latest attempt at this tricky effect, but does it even work?

QuickAdvice: PhotoForge2 - Rebuilt From The Ground Up

PhotoForge2 is the sequel to the popular editing app PhotoForge. However, it’s not an upgrade, it’s a whole new app. Rebuilt from the ground up, it has features and power far beyond its predecessor.

QuickAdvice: BubbleMe Combines Bubble-Popping and Photo Fun

Who doesn’t love to pop bubbles? With BubbleMe, you can relieve stress and create something beautiful at the same time.

QuickAdvice: Effects Lets You Add Filters And Frames For Free

If you’re interested in trying out some filters and effects for your photos but don’t want to invest any money right now, check out Effects. You get a dozen filters for free.

Add Creative Effects To Your Photos With FlickFx For iPhone

Have you ever wanted to add cool effects to your photos, but lacked the know-how or skill many complex apps require? FlickFx offers over 30 preset effects to make photo enhancing simple and fun.

No Photo Booth? No Problem, Meet FX Booth

FX Booth is a great alternative for anyone who doesn't have the new iPad 2, but would still like to enjoy photo booth type effects. With 12 unique filters you're sure to enjoy this app.

Capture Creative, Light Enhanced Photos With Luminancer For iPhone

Are you looking for a way to add some creativity to your photos? Luminancer is a cool new iPhone and iPod touch app that uses light enhanced features to give your pictures a unique look and feel.

FX Photo Studio HD For iPad Gets An Update - Plus, Win A Promo Code!

Fabulous photo enhancing app FX Photo Studio HD for iPad has just gotten an update making it better than ever. FX Photo Studio HD brings out the creative photographer in you with tons of filters and effects from retro to futuristic that you can mix and match. Plus, you can win a copy! Read on to find out more.

QuickAdvice: Edit Photos On Your iPad With PhotoPal - Plus, Win A Promo Code!

PhotoPal is a great photo editing app for the iPad. The folks that brought you Perfect Photo for iPhone have created PhotoPal to do much the same thing on the iPad. And, PhotoPal is on sale, 75% off, this week only, to celebrate their newest update.

Review: Amplitube - A Full Guitar Rig In Your Pocket

Amplitube is an application that applies real-time guitar and bass effects, aiming to eliminate the need for physical stompboxes. Read on to see if it is the real deal or too good to be true!

QuickAdvice: TiltShift Free - Trendy Cool Photo Effect for Free!

If you wanted to try out the trendy TiltShift lens (as described in the AppList, Photographer’s Kit). If you were intrigued but didn’t want to shell out the $.99, you’re in luck. Now there is a lite version, so you can check it out for free. You won’t get full resolution photos; for that you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version. But otherwise, all of the functionality is the same.

Autodesk Fluid FX Now Available

The graphics masterminds at Autodesk have brought their amazing photo manipulating skills to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with their new app, Fluid FX.

Review: Qik Video Camera Pro

Want to add effects to your videos in real-time? How about uploading them to multiple different social networks to share with friends? Qik Video Camera Pro has you covered.

Transform Your iPhone Into A Portable Guitar MultiFX Rig

IK Multimedia have promised to deliver the "Eureka" moment every guitar playing iPhone user has been waiting for. The AmpliTube iRig is coming soon and will allow you to transform your iPhone into a portable Guitar and Bass MultiFX system.

Review: Big Button Box Pro

Big Button Box Pro offers you the chance to play over 40 different fun sounds. But how good is it? Read on to find out...