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Elements For Dropbox Redesigned For iOS 7 And Updated With New Features

The popular Dropbox-connected writing app Elements, officially called Elements for Dropbox, has just been updated and redesigned for iOS 7.

Today's Best Apps: 8bit Draw, Elements+, Camera Albums And More

We summarize the best iOS apps from the last 24 hours.

Second Gear's Elements Text Editor Keeps Getting Better With Each Update

Second Gear's amazing Dropbox and Markdown powered text editor has been updated to version 2.1 today. Here's a look at what's new.

Elements 2 Brings New UI And More Text Editing Features

Elements, one of the first apps to bring Dropbox text editing to the iPad, and now one of the most popular, just got an amazing update.

Chemistry 101 With Elements HD

A great reference app for those studying chemistry. With a clean interface and easy accessibility to element information, Elements HD is the only app you'll need to learn about the elements.

JotAgent Uploads Your Thoughts To Dropbox

Instead of jotting down something on a piece of paper, use JotAgent. Read more...

Review: The Elements for iPhone 4

Get all the scientific data you need from the entire periodic table with "The Elements for iPhone 4." Have you ever wanted to know more about aluminum or sodium? Read more...

Review: Doodle God - Doodle Jump And Pocket God?

Doodle God has risen up the charts into the top 5 paid apps after a short while in the App Store. The game’s popularity could come from the fact that it combines the names of the two most popular iPhone apps of all time Doodle Jump and Pocket God. Read on to find out if it's worth picking up.