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6 emoji keyboard apps for iOS to help you say more

Here are several third-party keyboard apps that you can use to more quickly and easily say what you want to with emoji.

Line now lets you use its emoji and stickers in other messaging apps

Line has just launched a new keyboard app that allows the use of Line emoji and stickers outside of Line itself.

Apple's iOS 8.3 brings new, more diverse emoji to our iOS devices

Let's take a look at some of the new emoji which have launched with Apple's iOS 8.3.

Redheads petition for their own emoji

If you're a redhead, you may just want to sign a petition for your very own emoji.

Emojli, the emoji-only messenger app is here for iOS

Sometimes, all it takes is an emoji to express your thoughts. This is the basis behind Emojli, a new app for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.

AppAdvice Daily: Get creative with photography and make your own emoji with the best new apps

Watch today's AppAdvice Daily to see why Matter and imojiapp are catching the staff's attention this week.

Make your own personalized emoji with imojiapp

The emoji creations can be shared with the community or sent to friends via text message.

New Emoji Introduced In Unicode 7.0, Likely To Be Included By Apple In iOS 8

The Unicode Consortium has just updated the Unicode Standard to version 7.0.

Apple Working To Make Emoji Collection On iOS More Racially Diverse

Apple is working to make the set of emoji characters on iOS more racially diverse.

Cydia Tweak: Add More Than 800 New Symbols To The iOS Keyboard With Vmoji 7

Vmoji 7 does more than just add additional characters to the iOS keyboard.

Emojify Your Photos Into Interesting Works Of Art

Who knew emoji were useful outside of iMessage? This app will put them to good use.

Apple Says Goodbye To Third-Party Emoji Apps

Third-party emoji character apps are being pulled from the App Store. Here is the reason why.

How To Enable New Emoji In iOS 6

AppsGoneFree 2.0 is here, we have a giveaway, and learn how to enable the new Emoji in iOS 6.

A Chance To Win Emoji 2 For iPhone

Here's your chance to equip your iPhone or iPod touch with new Emoji icons!

Apple's iOS 6 Adds New Emoji Icons To iOS Devices

Another change made in iOS 6 involves the Emoji keyboard, which joined our iPhones back with iOS 5. Though a variety of icons are already available in the fifth-iteration of Apple's mobile operating system, the company has added a quantity of additional "emojis" in iOS 6 beta 1.

Jailbreak Only: Quickly Turn Text Smileys Into Emoji With SMSmileys

Do you use Emoji often? Hate switching to a separate keyboard just for them? SMSmileys is a new tweak that is here to fix that.

Leaked "Hidden" Developer Files Show Nuance Integration Will Likely Ship In iOS 5

It looks like Nuance features on iOS will ship in the Fall, after all.

Emoji International Keyboard Joins iOS 5

Emoticons might have originated in Japan, but they are about to become more popular worldwide too. Although emoticons aren't new to iPhone users (via iOS 4) then haven't really worked that well until now. Beginning with iOS 5, iPhone/iPod touch and iPad users can add a dedicated Emoji international keyboard to their layout.

iPhone Keyboard Hacks

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is an Emoji worth? Learn to master auto correction, type even faster, and amaze your friends by sending them text messages in Chinese!

QuickAdvice: CLIPish Pro Suite - Millions of 3D Animations, Emoji, Emoticons, Sounds, Wallpapers, & More

CLIPish Pro Suite - Millions of 3D Animations, Emoji, Emoticons, Sounds, Wallpapers, & More is the be-all end-all universal app for animations and clip art. Choose from their huge library of animations, videos, pictures, emoticons, wallpapers and more. Send them to your friends via MMS text, email, Facebook, or Twitter. If that’s not enough, you can search the web in-app, and use those pictures and videos as well. Add your own text to personalize them. You can even use this app to create templates for iMovie by adding text, titles, and credits to your iMovie projects.

Review: emoji iEmoji icons - get smiley, emoticon keyboard

Guilty pleasures are the best and emoji iEmoji icons - get smiley, emoticon keyboard enables one of the best guilty pleasures, emoji on your iPhone or iPod Touch. What is emoji and why do I want it? Follow me for the answers after the jump.