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Win A Copy Of One Of Word Magic's Most Popular Dictionaries

We've got promo codes for Word Magic Software's English Thesaurus, English-Spanish Medical Dictionary, and English-Spanish Unabridged Dictionary.

AppGuide Updated: Best English Dictionary Apps

In ye olden days, to find the meaning of a word you had to search through a 10 pound book filled with tens of thousands of words. That took a lot of time and effort (even sometimes getting your hands dirty with ink). The apps in this AppGuide compress that book to the size of your phone and make searching for words a breeze. With a readers request, we have now added Cambridge Dictionary to this wonderful guide that makes looking up words less of a chore.

IntelliVocab For SAT Released

A new IntelliVocab app has been released and this time it is geared to study for the SAT exam. IntelliVocab for SAT is a vocabulary-based app that includes over 600 common words, used in competitive exams. There are also practice sessions with customized words based on expertise level.

ABC On The Go - Helps Kids Get Ready To Read

Want to give your kids a preliminary understanding of the English alphabet? You guessed it: there's an app for that. Read on to find out more...