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Stay entertained with your favorites through the Relay FM app

Catching your favorite podcasts live has never been easier thanks to the Relay FM app.

Sit back and relax with some Television Time

Don't fall behind your favorite shows again with Television Time.

NetNewsWire returns to iOS

NetNewsWire is back, but is it too late?

TodoMovies 4 brings Apple Watch app and more

TodoMovies gets a huge update today, making the best movie-tracking app better than ever.

Get a movie for your flight in minutes with Digiboo Zones

When you need a movie for your flight, this newly expanded service promises to be the fastest way to get it.

Stay on top of your movie watch list with MooVee - Your Movies Guru

This beautiful app helps you stay on top of your movies all year round.

Experience your music differently with Marvis Music Player

Marvis Music Player is an app that looks good and contains useful features for music playback.

Casually listen to your favorite podcasts with Castaway

Castaway is a podcast app designed for casual listening.

Get the perfect mix with Pacemaker, your new pocket DJ

Pacemaker is a slick new app for creating the perfect playlist based on your tunes.

Discover and track upcoming movies and recommendations in a beautiful way with Plot

Plot is a gorgeous app that makes it easy to keep track of what you want to see as well as what you should see.

Here are the iOS apps that no movie buff should be without

Spend hours watching and analyzing films with these apps.

Get into the Halloween spirit with these spooky iOS apps

Let these apps give you a head start on your trick or treating.

Amaze your friends with these apps for your new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

Make your friends say "Wow!" with these apps for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Find your new favorite podcast through Twitter with Casterly, a simple podcast player

Discover your next favorite podcast thanks to Casterly, a more simple podcast player.

Does Reddme for iPhone - The Reddit Client stack up to the competition?

Is this new, minimalistic Reddit app worth the dollar?

Add stunning 3-D objects to your photos with Matter from Pixite

Creating unique images with 3-D objects has never been easier thanks to Matter.

Easily manage and track your TV shows with Showlist 2.0

This sleek app makes keeping track of your favorite shows a little easier.

Mocast is a different take on the podcast player

Mocast joins the podcast app fray with an arsenal of powerful features.

Look at Reddit in a refreshing new perspective with Feedworthy

Browse Reddit like never before thanks to the beautiful interface of Feedworthy.

Are You A Dodo? Tests Your Intellect Game Show-Style

How far can you evolve in Are You A Dodo?

Compete With Your Friends With The Frantic Mini-Games Of Mucho Party

With Mucho Party handy, you'll never be bored at your next gathering again.

Unread Now Provides A Comfortable RSS Reading Experience On The iPad

Unread has arrived on the iPad, and it makes for a pleasant RSS experience on the big screen.

Discover New Movies, Games And Music With Cover

If you're bored, you could find something new to keep yourself entertained with in Cover.