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Viddy set to shut down as developer Supernova seeks to redefine youth entertainment

Supernova has just announced that it’s set to shut down its iOS apps, including the once popular video-sharing app Viddy.

Epic! 'Netflix for children's books' app finally updated with universal support for iPhone

Launched late last January for iPad, Epic has been updated with universal support for iPhone and iPod touch.

Unveiled at WWDC 2014 for demo of Apple's Metal, Epic Zen Garden out now on iOS 8

Epic Design Garden is designed by Epic Games to showcase its Unreal Engine 4 technology using Metal.

Supernova, Formerly Viddy, Acquired By Multi-Channel YouTube Network Fullscreen

Supernova, the mobile video startup formerly known as Viddy, has been acquired by Fullscreen, the multi-channel YouTube network for creators and brands.

Viddy Is Shooting For A Second Act As It Becomes Supernova

Viddy hopes to reinvent itself as Supernova.

A Social Network For Sharing Slow-Motion Videos Would Be EPIC

Since we already have and enjoy social networks for sharing various types of media, would one for slow-motion video be useful?

Gameloft's Newest iOS Release Promises To Be - Wait For It - Epic

Gameloft's Epic is the official game of the computer animated fantasy adventure film of the same name.

Infinity Blade Reaches Significant Milestone

There are thousands of games in the App Store, but not many that can boast having $10 million in earnings. That is the case with Epic’s Infinity Blade game, which recently hit this milestone, according to touchArcade. The universal game, which arrived for iOS in 2010, was created by Chair Entertainment.

LucasArts To Develop Its Own iOS Games Based On The Unreal Engine

LucasArts signed a deal with Epic Games to use the Unreal 3 Engine for game development across various platforms. We may see some great-looking game popping up on the iDevices with LucasArts behind them.