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Rock Out At Local Music Events With Rock Lobby

There could be hundreds of music events going on around you. Rock Lobby helps you discover the ones that are worth going to.

Plan The Events Of A Lifetime With These Event Planning Apps

Go from zero to hero with these apps to organize the best events possible.

The Best Apps To Turn Your iPad Into A Newsroom

Turn your iPad into the ultimate digital newspaper.

Manage All Your Events With GoCal

GoCal is the ultimate tool for avid calendar users. View and manage events in multiple ways, and even use it offline as well as online. It's a great extension to the default calendar app, and is packed with features.

Eventbrite To Release New iPhone App For Tickets And Events

Eventbrite is planning on launching a new iOS application in the App Store, which will allows Apple fans to manage their Eventbrite tickets and access event information from a mobile device.

WWDC Party List App Updated To 1.1.0

Are you planning on attending the upcoming WWDC 2011 event? There will be plenty of partying going on in the lively San Francisco downtown scene. Check out the Party List app to get the location of these great events.

New AppList: Best News Apps On Your iPad

Catching up on the latest bit of news is both fun and easy on the iPad. Here are just some of the incredible news apps for the iPad:

How To: Using Bento App And Syncing With Bento For Mac

If you want find a simple solution on how to organize your life or small business, Bento will help you find the answer. Bento started out as a simple desktop program for the mac by the creators of FileMaker Pro., but now has an iPhone app that works and syncs beautifully with the desktop companion. Here are a few tips to get you synced with Bento for mac and to get started with the powerful app.