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New Amazon Acquisition Hints At A Forthcoming Smartphone

Amazon has reportedly scooped up Siri clone Evi for $26 million.

Today's Apps Gone Free: Wimp: Who Stole My Pants?, Scout Camera, Dayplus And More

Today's AGF list includes a platformer, a camera app, and a journaling app.

Assuming Changes Are Made, Siri Clone Will Remain In App Store

Just days after news hit that Apple would remove a Siri-like clone from the App Store, comes an about face.

Evi, A Siri Clone For iOS, Could Soon Face Extinction

Evi, the digital assistant for iOS that isn’t named Siri, could soon be pulled from the App Store. Apple is threatening to pull the $.99 app, according to iPodNN.

It's A Virtual Assistant Catfight - Evi Arrives To Compete Head-To-Head With Siri

Wish you had a virtual assistant like Siri, but don't have an iPhone 4S yet? Or want a better solution to Siri if you live anywhere besides the U.S.? Evi may be the one.