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exercise apps

Go phoneless and still track runs with the updated Runkeeper

Now you can leave your iPhone at home and go for a run alone with your Apple Watch.

Bike indoors, CycleCast motivates with tunes and teachers

Get expert instruction and cool music for your indoor cycling workout.

Learn targeted lower body workouts with Runtastic Leg Trainer

Tone up your legs and backside with this instructional fitness tracker.

Sprint Social debuts as first short distance running app

Challenge your friends to a race any time, any place with the first sprinting app.

The Runtastic Exercise App Adds Four New 'Story Running' Guides To Help You Reach Your Goal

Runtastic has found a new way to help motivate users during exercise routines.

PumpUp Your Body For Free For 30 Days With Newly Revised App, Promo Code

PumpUp your exercise routine for free for 30 days. Here's how to do it.

The Thirtyaday Fitness App Is Here And We've Got Some Promos To Give Away

The new thirtyaday fitness app makes it simple to keep track of calisthenics.

New iFitness App A Solid Exercise Primer For Any Gym Enthusiast

Eltima's iFitness app has all the hallmarks of a solid, trustworthy gym partner.

New Workout App Is Reportedly Legit, So Don't Be Afraid To Get Under The Weight

It looks like the new iFitness is a completely independent app, after all!

Despite Its Damaged Rep, iFitness Is Back For Another Attempt

It looks like iFitness is back. But is it the same app that's already been banned twice before?

Apple Patent Outlines Plans For Real-Time Exercise Tracking, Fitness Contests

Apple's filed a new patent revolving around iOS and real-time exercise competitions.

"Gym Genie" Solid For Weightlifting Vets, Beginners Should Probably Stay Away

"Gym Genie" is a strong addition to any seasoned lifter's library, but beginners may be put off by its advanced specificity.

GAIN Fitness Does Gainer, Makes Splash In App Store With New Training App

A possible contender for "Best Fitness App" hits iTunes.

Fitness App iMapMyFITNESS Gets More Accurate GPS Tracking

Do you exercise a lot during your day? Want to track you exercise and workouts through a single app that acts as a log? Try iMapMyFitness for the iPhone. The latest update also adds precise GPS location-based tracking.

"iFitness" Redux: "Full Fitness" And Developer Health Xperts Banned From App Store

"Full Fitness" shot to glory just like its "iFitness" predecessor. It fell just as fast.