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'FREAK' security bug found in Safari

A security flaw in Safari could leave you vulnerable to hacking and spying

New ‘Masque Attack’ once again shows that users should only download from the App Store

The exploit can affect both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

If You're An iOS Hacker, A Powerful Exploit Could Earn You $250,000

If you're an iOS hacker who's just uncovered a brand-new exploit in Apple's mobile operating system, the U.S. Government might pay you up to $250,000 for exclusive use of the exploit.

Security Exploit Allows Address Bar Spoofing In iOS 5.1

If you're running iOS 5.1, make sure not to open any untrusted links!

Saurik Releases PDF Patch; Keep Jailbreak and Stay Secure

The mastermind himself, Saurik, releases a PDF patch that allows you to keep your jailbreak and stay safe from malicious PDFs. Read on to find out how.

PDF Warner Protects Jailbreakers Against PDF Exploit Getting Root

While Apple has already released a fix for the PDF exploit that allows the latest jailbreak, it's really not for everyone, as it also kills the ability to jailbreak. Additionally, it doesn't fix the problem on the 2G iPhone and first generation iPod touch.

Apple Releases iOS 4.0.2 & 3.2.2 - Fixes The PDF Exploit, Kills The Jailbreak

It might have taken some time, but Apple just got around to finally pushing out a new version of iOS that fixes the recently revealed exploit that allowed the jailbreak.

Apple Releasing A Security Patch For PDF Exploit Soon

Rumor has it that Apple has patched up the PDF security issue on iOS 4 devices, and plans on releasing it soon. Unfortunately, this means that jailbreaking with will no longer work with the same method, leaving users to make an important choice. Find out more after the break.