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Facebook integration

Facebook Integration In iOS 6 Can Complete Contact Information For You

Facebook integration in iOS 6 allows users to interact with "the social network" from their iPhone, quickly and easily. Folks have recently realised, however, that this feature can complete contact information for users, based on a contact's phone number alone.

Why You Should Update To iOS 6 Today

Today we're showing off the hottest features in iOS 6 that will get you excited to download it now.

Ping Will Soon Be Nothing More Than A Distant Memory

Say “hello” to Facebook integration and “goodbye” to Ping.

Apple Soon To Be In A Relationship With Facebook Through iOS 6?

Systemwide Facebook integration is said to be among the new features that will be introduced in the forthcoming major release of iOS.

Facebook Integration Was Supposed To Happen With iOS 4, But Didn't - Report

One of the more interesting discoveries within the alleged iOS 5 leak was the inclusion of full Facebook integration within the OS. However, the folks at 9 To 5 Mac believe what we actually saw was an old version of iOS 4 being tested at a time when Apple intended to integrate its iOS with Facebook, but eventually did not.

Apple Planning To Invest In Facebook - Nope, Just A Rumor

Could Apple be planning to invest in Facebook? Nope, it's just a rumor. Not long ago, posts started appearing online regarding Apple's supposed plan to invest in Mark Zuckerberg's social network. However, this was completely false; Apple has no plans to invest in Facebook. Read on to find out more...