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These iOS apps will let you video call anyone

Meet face to face virtually with these apps.

Apple enables two-factor authentication for FaceTime and iMessage

The optional measure helps protect your personal information from hackers.

FaceTime For Mac Gets Updated, But iOS 6 Users Are Still Suffering

Apple has updated FaceTime for Mac, but iOS 6 users are still struggling to access the service.

FaceTime Suffers Outage For Countless iOS 6 Users, Apple Recommends Updating

It looks like more than a handful of iOS 6 users are struggling to access FaceTime.

Replace Apple's Native Apps With These iPhone App Alternatives

Kick those Apple apps to the second screen and replace them with these killer upgrades.

Reach Out And See Someone With These Video Calling Apps

Take phone calls to the next level with these video calling apps.

Robin's iOS 7 Favorites: Audio Calls From Your iPad And New Siri Voices

Today we're showing off a couple of our favorite new features in iOS 7 like audio calls from your iPad and new Siri voices.

AT&T Enables FaceTime Over Cellular For Certain Subscribers

Certain AT&T subscribers are now able to access FaceTime over cellular both over 4G LTE and HSPA+.

AT&T To Enable FaceTime Over Cellular For All Users By The End Of The Year

All subscribers, regardless of device or data plan, will be able to video call over a cellular data network, according to AT&T.

Standalone Google Hangouts App Launches For iOS Devices

The app is part of Google's new unified chat platform.

AT&T Brings FaceTime Over Cellular Support To Non-LTE iOS Devices

The support will automatically be rolled out to customers in the next few weeks.

AT&T Now Extending Free FaceTime Over Cellular To All iPhone Customers

It seems AT&T is gradually rolling out free "FaceTime over cellular" to all iPhone customers.

Unfortunately, iCloud Services Are Again Down For Some Users

It is becoming another frustrating day for iMessage and FaceTime users. For the second time in as many days, iCloud is down for some users.

Apple Loses FaceTime Patent Case

Apple must pay VirnetX $368 million for infringing on their patents.

With Mac OS X 10.8.2 Update, iMessages Has Gotten Even Better

With the update, iMessages sent to a phone number now appear on your Mac.

AT&T Doesn't Plan To Charge For FaceTime Over Cellular, But You'll Need A New Plan

Looks like iOS 6-powered iDevice owners will need to be hooked-up to one of AT&T's new Mobile Share plans in order to use FaceTime over cellular.

Are You Against AT&T's FaceTime Over Cellular Policy? Sign The Free Press Online Petition!

The well-known media reform organization Free Press has just put up an online petition in hopes of thwarting what it regards as “AT&T’s latest attack on Net Neutrality.”

AT&T Will Not Charge For FaceTime Over Cellular, On One Condition

It’s confirmed: AT&T will not be charging subscribers extra fees for using the upcoming FaceTime over cellular feature. But, unsurprisingly, there’s a catch.

Apple Faced With Yet Another Legal Battle, This Time Involving FaceTime Service

As if Apple's legal team didn't have enough to be getting on with. In the midst of the company's legal battle with Samsung, a Taiwanese man has accused Apple's FaceTime service of infringing a patent he owns.

Pilot Program In New York Makes It Easy To FaceTime Home With Free Wi-Fi

An interesting pilot program in New York is adding Wi-Fi to pay phone kiosks.

FaceTime No Longer Limited To Wi-Fi

FaceTime was a welcome addition to iOS 4 though the downside was that it only worked over a Wi-Fi connection.

New ooVoo Update Brings 12-Way Video Calling To Your iOS Device

The newly updated ooVoo Video Chat app offers users the chance to have video chats with 11 of their friends.

Warning Message In iOS 5.1.1 Points To Future Use Of FaceTime Over 3G Data Networks

It looks like FaceTime over a 3G cellular data connection might be moving closer to reality.

New Skype Version Brings Unique Feature Along With Assorted Minor Fixes

Skype released version 4.0 of its iOS app today with an interesting auto-restart feature to go along with minor fixes.