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FaceTime over cellular

AT&T Enables FaceTime Over Cellular For Certain Subscribers

Certain AT&T subscribers are now able to access FaceTime over cellular both over 4G LTE and HSPA+.

AT&T To Enable FaceTime Over Cellular For All Users By The End Of The Year

All subscribers, regardless of device or data plan, will be able to video call over a cellular data network, according to AT&T.

AT&T Brings FaceTime Over Cellular Support To Non-LTE iOS Devices

The support will automatically be rolled out to customers in the next few weeks.

AT&T Now Extending Free FaceTime Over Cellular To All iPhone Customers

It seems AT&T is gradually rolling out free "FaceTime over cellular" to all iPhone customers.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: AT&T's Death Star Is Alive And Well Edition

Rovio released Angry Birds Star Wars the same week as the company with the Death Star logo annoyed customers yet again. Coincidence? I think not! Here are a few of the stories we covered during the week that was.

Updated: AT&T Opening Up Free FaceTime Over Cellular To More Customers

AT&T has announced that they will no longer charge for FaceTime over a cellular connection, at least when that connection is LTE.

LTE Versus 3G: Data Is Just Data, Right?

Making the switch from 3G to LTE is a bittersweet change. We’ll now get substantially faster data speeds, but may have to keep an eye on your usage to avoid overages.

AT&T Doesn't Plan To Charge For FaceTime Over Cellular, But You'll Need A New Plan

Looks like iOS 6-powered iDevice owners will need to be hooked-up to one of AT&T's new Mobile Share plans in order to use FaceTime over cellular.

Keep Your AT&T Unlimited Data Plan When You Get The iPhone 5

AT&T has issued a press release stating that customers can keep their unlimited data plans when upgrading to the iPhone 5.

AT&T, Why Do You Dislike Your Customers?

AT&T has come out swinging and is defending their new FaceTime over cellular policy that sounds anti-consumer. Still, it might not be enough to keep this AT&T customer.

Are You Against AT&T's FaceTime Over Cellular Policy? Sign The Free Press Online Petition!

The well-known media reform organization Free Press has just put up an online petition in hopes of thwarting what it regards as “AT&T’s latest attack on Net Neutrality.”

AT&T Will Not Charge For FaceTime Over Cellular, On One Condition

It’s confirmed: AT&T will not be charging subscribers extra fees for using the upcoming FaceTime over cellular feature. But, unsurprisingly, there’s a catch.

AT&T CEO Doesn’t Confirm, Nor Deny Upcoming iOS Fees

AT&T's CEO responds to rumors that they will charge for FaceTime over cellular. Unfortunately, those comments didn't clear up the controversy.

AT&T Could Soon Soak Customers With Another Extra iOS Fee

Using FaceTime over a cellular connection could cost you extra. What, you're surprised?