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fair labor association

ABC’s ‘Nightline’ Offers Look Into Apple’s Foxconn Factories

Thanks to special access granted by Apple, ABC's "Nightline" will air a special report Tuesday night featuring behind-the-scenes access to the Foxconn manufacturing plants in Shenzhen and Chengdu, China.

FLA Head Discusses Conditions At Apple’s China Foxconn Plant

While Apple recently took criticism regarding the working conditions of iPad and iPhone manufacturing plants in China, the head of a non-profit investigative group says the plants are better than many other garment factories and other facilities in the country.

One Man Visits Foxconn, A Place Even Siri Fears To Tread

Mike Daisey wanted to know who made his Apple devices, so he traveled to China to find out.

Letter From Apple CEO Tim Cook Focuses On Improving Factory Conditions

This week, Apple has released its annual Supplier Responsibility Report and has also joined the Fair Labor Association.