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Family game night is more fun than ever with these iOS gaming apps

Use your iDevice to play games with your family in a new way.

Make Dad Smile With Our Selection Of Apps For Father’s Day

Show your dad how much you care with unique apps for every father.

Cat Basket Brings Out The Crazy Cat Lady In All Of Us

Cats rule and dogs drool in this simple and charming arcade game.

Live Your Childhood Dreams With Double Fine's Costume Quest

Double Fine's Costume Quest is now available on iOS, but is it worth dropping the cash on? Let's find out.

Shelter The Fruits From Acid Rain In Cover Orange 2

Couldn't get enough of Cover Orange? Now there's a sequel to sate your appetite.

School's Out And Little Nick Makes His Great Escape

This new endless runner from Bulkypix adds in some challenging twists to keep things fresh.

Sit Back And Enjoy Games With The Family This Summer

Introduce your loved ones to some fun and exciting games this summer.

Dash & Bash Your Way To The Finish Line In This Cute Aquatic Racer

This duck is out to overthrow the beaver as the aquatic racing champion, but needs your help! Are you up to the task?

PopCap Brings A Twist To Solitaire With Solitaire Blitz

Have you ever wished for a Blitz version of solitaire? Now you can have it, thanks to PopCap.

Get A Hole-In-One On Your Friends With Mini Golf MatchUp

Now you can have some mini golf action in your pocket with Mini Golf MatchUp.

The Puddings Monsters Hit The City In First Update

Been waiting for a second serving of pudding from ZeptoLab? It's finally here, and you'll be going downtown with the cute pudding monsters.

It's Time To Be Together For Valentine's Day With This Cute Puzzler

Puzzle fans and lovers of cute things will not want to miss the latest title from Chillingo.

How High In The Sky Can Bouncy Go?

Rabbits like to hop, but this one likes to jump! How high can Bouncy the Rabbit go with the help of a trampoline?

How Fast Can You Help These Goops Escape?

These cute little balls of goo need to escape, and only you can help them! Find out how resourceful you really are by aiding them to freedom in this challenging little puzzle game.

Holiday AppList and AppGuide Roundup

We've got something for everyone celebrating the holidays in this AppList and AppGuide roundup.

Get Ready To Think On Your Feet In Snail Bob

This game may feature a snail, but it's far from being slow-paced.

Apps To Keep Your Kids Entertained And Out Of Your Email

Ever wonder how you can settle your kids down on a long car ride or in the grocery store?

Chimpact Makes It Okay To Monkey Around On Your iDevice

Help this cute little chimp find his way back home in the latest title from Chillingo.

Don't Miss Your Chance To Win Draw Breaker And Break Some Blocky Minions

Forget everything you knew about Breakout games, because Draw Breaker is an entirely new twist on an arcade classic.

This Hungry Dino Is Back With All New Content In Pastry Panic

Remember that little dinosaur creature that has a huge sweet tooth? He's back and cuter than ever in this huge update to Pastry Panic from Underground Pixel.

Turn Your iPad Into A Beautiful Checkers Set With Checkers — 2 Players

Remember the days when you used to play checkers with a friend in person? Relive those moments with Checkers — 2 Players, a new app from Louie Mantia's new development studio, Pacific Helm.

Wish Upon A Star As You Fly By Them In Starry

You've dreamed of flying through the stars, right? Now you can, with Starry.

ParaNorman: 2-BIT BUB Is Anything But Your Normal Puzzle Game

Can't wait to see ParaNorman next month? This free game gives you a glimpse of the strange things you can expect in the theater.

Slide Into A New Concept For Tetris With Slydris

No one can have enough Tetris. But what about new concepts on one of the most classic games in history? That's what Slydris provides, and man, it's a good one.