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fast app switching

The iPad 2 Offers True Multi-Tasking Compared To iPad 1

We ran a little informal head-to-head test between the iPad 1 and the iPad 2 to highlight the difference in multi-tasking. What does the more powerful processor and RAM mean in actual real life performance? Click through to watch the multi-tasking showdown.

Yelp Allows You To Find Local Hotspots Quicker With Multitasking Support

Yelp has been updated with fast app switching and the ability to send business info via SMS.

BeejiveIM For iPhone Updated With Fast App Switching, Retina Display Optimization

One of the most popular chat clients for the iPhone and iPod touch, BeejiveIM, has just been updated with fast app switching support and Retina display optimization.

What Exactly is iOS 4 Multitasking?

You've heard that iOS4 includes multitasking, but what exactly does this term mean and how will this change your iPhone experience? We have the answers.

WordPress Update Adds Retina Display Optimization, Multitasking, And More

On the go blogging is about to get a little clearer and quicker thanks to the recent update to the WordPress app, which sports retina display optimization, fast app switching, and few other handy new features.