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A federal judge slams the FBI over demands to unlock the iPhone

A New York federal judge has dealt a powerful blow to the thought that the All Writs Act can be used to compel Apple to make a back door for the iPhone.

Apple CEO Tim Cook grants TV interview in fight against FBI over iPhone hacking

Apple has taken its fight against the FBI to a new arena: television.

Apple could claim freedom of speech in battle over iPhone 5c

Could forcing Apple to digitally sign software be a violation of the corporation's freedom of speech?

Protesters gather in 'Don't Break Our Phones' rallies in support of Apple vs. FBI

Protesters have gathered in cities across the U.S. to show their support for Apple in the company’s fight against the FBI.

A former CIA and NSA director says the US is a ‘safer, more secure’ nation without back doors

In a new interview, retired Gen. Michael Hayden sides with Apple in the encryption debate.

The AppAdvice tech week in review: Apple in the US government's crosshairs

Here are just a few of the stories that we covered during the week that was.

The Justice Department files a motion compelling Apple to unlock terrorist's iPhone

The FBI is asking Apple to unlock an iPhone of a terrorist behind the San Bernadino, California attacks in late 2015.

Apple posts customer letter in response to FBI's iPhone unlocking demand

Apple’s open letter to customers says in no uncertain terms that it is opposing FBI’s order in relation to the San Bernardino case.

The First Official Apple News Of The Season Plus More!

Apple has announced their next event, the FBI has more information than you'd like, and Rovio gets naughty with a new release.

Steve Jobs' 21-Year-Old FBI Background Check Reveals Government Job Offer

Steve Jobs was once considered for a position on George H.W. Bush's staff. Thank heavens he didn't want it.

U.S. Government Releases More Content For iDevices

Among the developers releasing more and more content for the iPhone is the U.S. government. In fact, they just released two new iOS apps and two new web apps that might interest you.