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T-Mobile, AT&T are probed by the FCC over data cap exemptions

The FCC is looking to slap the wrists of T-Mobile, AT&T, and Comcast, according to a recent report.

Could Wi-Fi Calling on the iPhone 6 come to Verizon soon?

With its recent request for an FCC waiver, the carrier could soon be turning on this service for its customers

AT&T whines and cries about FCC-imposed fine

AT&T is taking issue with the latest recommended fines against it for throttling data speeds.

AT&T will receive $100 million fine from FCC over throttling

The carrier’s practice of slowing down data speeds of unlimited customers was widely scorned by consumers.

Net neutrality rules are here, despite carrier's objections

So far, it's a loss for broadband providers as a U.S. court refuses to suspend net neutrality rules.

Apple iBeacon device detailed in user manual published by FCC

More details about Apple's hardware product dedicated to its iBeacon location-sensing technology have just been uncovered.

Apple's dedicated iBeacon hardware product shown in FCC certification application

Apple is apparently working on a new hardware product dedicated to its iBeacon location-sensing technology.

FCC Releases New Speed Test App To Measure Mobile Broadband Performance In US

The FCC has just released a new app as part of its ongoing project to accurately measure mobile broadband performance in the U.S.

Sprint Is Having Second Thoughts About A Potential T-Mobile Acquisition

Both the FCC and Justice Department have offered vocal opposition to any deal.

The Four Largest US Carriers Agree To Standards For Unlocking Devices

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile all offer Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

AT&T To Activate Database Of Stolen Handsets Tuesday

AT&T is planning on launching a new stolen handset database, on Tuesday, that will prevent the devices from connecting to its network.

Wireless Carriers, FCC Band Together To Create Central Database Of Stolen Handsets

A new agreement between the four major wireless carriers and the U.S. government will hopefully make a stolen iPhone less valuable to criminals.

AT&T Still Bitter About Failed T-Mobile Merger

Do you think AT&T has gotten over its failed merger with T-Mobile? Think again.

Google Voice App No Closer To Becoming Reality

Over a year after Apple pulled Google's Voice app from the App Store, the two companies are still far apart in resolving the situation. Read More...