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Give Facebook And Twitter One New Home With Fatric

Fatric provides one place for your Twitter and Facebook feeds, whether you would like them to be combined or separate.

Visual News From iPad Keynote, Now Appears For The iPhone

Visually appealing news reader Pulse, which was shown in Apple's keynote for the iPad, was quickly pulled due to a spat with the New York Times. It has finally returned to the App Store, and is now also available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

3 Hidden Gems You Have To Pay For

Most apps in the Hidden Gems column are free. This week, though, it's just Simplenote, Newsstand and Mover+ and they're Must-have apps. Let me tell you why.

9 Apps For News Junkies [New Applist]

There are lots of ways to consume the news on iPhone and our newest applist should help you find a way that fit your needs.

Hidden Gems: There Isn't An App For That

The App Store still lacks quality apps in two important categories - chat and feed readers.