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You Better Watch Out, Fieldrunners ... Santa Strike Is Coming To Town

Ho ho ho! Fieldrunners 2 HD has just received its very own holiday update.

Celebrate Halloween With A Bang With The New Boom-Kin Tower In Fieldrunners 2

With just a few days left before Halloween creeps up on us, a lot of iOS games have already dressed up for the occasion. And one of the latest to do so is Fieldrunners 2.

Prepare For Battle! Fieldrunners' Massive Update Is Here

For the first time in 18 months, Fieldrunners for the iPhone/iPod touch has received an update. Version 1.6 includes a number of new features including the addition of full Retina display support.

Fieldrunners 2, Polymer Update And Olympic Fun

Some of our favorite games have released sequels and updates, so watch today's AppAdvice Daily to see them in action.

Fieldrunners 2 Set To Lead The Mobile Tower Defense Playing Field

The guys at Subatomic Studious have been busy with the upcoming launch of Fieldrunners 2.

Fieldrunners For iPad Updated: Adds Multiplayer, New Towers, New Maps, And New Fieldrunners

The popular tower defense game, Fieldrunners for iPad, has just received a major update. Now, fans of the app can enjoy a variety of new apps, new towers, and a new multiplayer mode. Read on to find out more ...

Review: Spirits for iPad - Refreshingly Original or Lemmings Re-Tread?

Spirits for iPad feels new and is relaxing. The casual gameplay and strategy required is nice, but is Spirits actually just an overpriced Lemmings remake?

Coming Soon: Lord Of The Rings Tower Defense Game!

The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy is amazing - you don't need me to tell you that. However, since the series stormed through our cinemas (and TV sets), the one thing we haven't had is an official LOTR iPhone game. Thankfully, that's about to change. Read on to find out more...

Review: Fieldrunners for iPad

Fieldrunners for iPad was part of the iPad App Store launch. Is it simply an upscaled version of the iPhone game, or a whole new experience on the iPad? Read on to find out.

Fieldrunners for iPad Update Plans Already - Plus Beautiful High Resolution Screenshots

Fieldrunners for iPad already has update plans in the works. Plus we present five high resolution screenshots of the beautiful iPad version.

Fieldrunners for iPad Will Be Part of The iPad App Store Grand Opening - Plus Screenshots

Fieldrunners for iPad is coming, and it will be ready for the launch of the iPad App Store. Find out the details as well as what it will be priced at. Plus we have some screenshots.

Updates Bonanza Including Updated Game Reviews

Tons of updates have flowed out of Apple, and we want to keep you informed on which one's are game changers. Classic games have been updated, as well as gems including Zombieville USA, Minigore, and Fieldrunners. Find out all the details inside.