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Now On Your iDevice: 64th Street - A Detective Story

The classic game, 64th Street - A Detective Story, is really much less of a detective story and a lot more of a classic fighting game. With simple arcade controls and an infinite supply of enemies, you're sure to enjoy this Super Nintendo title on your iDevice.

Greg Young

Review: Zenonia 2

The original Zenonia was a very lengthy RPG that many enjoyed. Now it's successor is here, bringing many new additions to the table.

Jeff Yue

Review: Caligo Chaser

Com2uS has just released their own sidescrolling hack 'n slash RPG. Hybrid: Eternal Whisper may have a serious competitor now.

Jeff Yue

Review: Street Fighter IV

The classic fighting and action game, Street Fighter, is out for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Is it worth $9.99, or is the price based on the Street Fighter name? Overall how does it stack up?

Jeff Yue

Review: The Simpsons Arcade

The Simpsons have come to the iPhone in a classic arcade beat em up style game. You play as Homer going against the main characters of Springfield as well as traditional arcade fighter badies. Has EA succeeded in bringing The Simpsons to the iPhone? Is it worth $4.99? Read on to find out.

Staff Writer