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fighting game

Enjoy Ghoulish Multiplayer Brawls In Fright Fight

Fright Fight brings a Super Smash Bros. experience to your iPhone and iPad.

Take The Streets Back '80s Style With Fightback

Get vengeance '80s style with this action-packed fighter.

Gather Your Crew And Fight Your Way To The Top In Combo Crew

Once in a blue moon, you'll have a fantastic fighting game on iOS. Combo Crew is that game.

AppGuide Updated: Fighting Games

This AppGuide has been updated to reflect the release of notable new fighting games, as well as significant updates.

AppGuide Updated: Fighting Games

This AppGuide shines the light on some great iOS fighters.

Plenty Of New Content Added To The King Of Fighters-i

The King of Fighters-i has seen a massive update recently and is now current at version 1.01.00. New fighters, galleries and cards have been added along with a new challenge mode.

SNK Brings The King Of Fighters-i To The App Store

King of fighters has unexpectedly shown up on the App Store, courtesy of SNK. The name of this iPhone entry is called The King of Fighters-i and it features the series trademarks like team battle and special moves for each character.

Street Fighter IV Volt Hits The App Store

A new Street Fighter IV has hit the App Store for iPhone, it's called Street Fighter IV Volt. It offers new playable characters and an online multiplayer mode.

Fight Super Villains With Your Finger In Marvel KAPOW!

Your favorite superheroes come together in a fight to save the world from their rival villains. With authentic comic book graphics, superhero music, and fast-paced gameplay, Marvel KAPOW! is definitely a hit.

Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting Now Available For iPhone

Capcom has just unleashed Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting onto the App Store. The game offers Infinity Blade-style of combat along with freedom of movement. It is an iPhone only release so far.

Sega Releases Retro Fighter Streets Of Rage 3 For iPhone

Sega releases the third installment of it's beat-em-up fighting series Streets of Rage. Streets of Rage 3 is hitting various App Stores currently at a price of USD $2.99.

QuickAdvice: Wolf Boy - Beat 'Em Up Under The Light Of The Moon

Wolf Boy is a 2D side scrolling beat 'em up where you play as a boy who can turn into a wolf after killing a number of enemies. Read on to find out if it's worth picking up.

Street Fighter IV On Sale For A Limited Time

Capcom's Street Fighter IV is now on sale for a limited time to celebrate the release of Super Street Fighter IV for console systems.

Review: Blades Of Fury

We finally have a fighting game on the iPhone that not only looks great, but plays great too. Is it worth the price though? Find out more here...