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Financial Times

One Of Steve Jobs' First iPad Apps Could Be Going Away

The New York Times introduces a Web app. So, what does this mean for their native apps?

The Financial Times Infographic Celebrates One Million Registered Users

As previously reported, The Financial Times chose to eschew the App Store in favor of a Web app for the iPhone and iPad. It has done well. It has done so well, in fact, that it now celebrates its one millionth registered user.

Reuters: Financial Times' Web App Has Attracted More Than 700,000 Readers

Back in June, the Financial Times decided to ditch the App Store and produced a Web app, due to Apple's controversial in-app subscription policy. Now, in a report recently publish by Reuters, it is claimed that the Web app has attracted over 700,000 readers, making it more popular than the iOS application was before it was removed from the App Store.

Extravagance And Indulgence Come Alive In A New Magazine App

If you enjoy fancy cars, fashion and exotic travel destinations, The Financial Times has recently launched an app you will love. How To Spend It will bring luxury lifestyle content right to your iPad.

"Financial Times" Is Leaving The App Store, Hopes To Save On Apple's Subscriber Fees

One of the world's leading business newspapers has opted out of Apple's imposed subscription restrictions.

The Financial Times Puts Apple In A Corner

The debacle surrounding Apple's subscription plan is once again making the headlines as a major publisher refuses to play by the rules.

Apple's iPad Drives 20 Percent Of Financial Times' Online Subscriptions

Financial Times Chief Executive John Ridding recently noted that Apple's iPad, along with other mobile devices, are "driving 20 percent of the newspaper's new online subscriptions."

Financial Times: App Brings In $1.59 Million In Ad Revenue

The Financial Times has announced it generated $1.59 million in ad revenue through its app since it debuted. The Financial Times iPad Edition was released in May. Read more...