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find my friends

Apple updates its iPhone and iPad apps with support for iOS 8

Apple has updated most of its iOS apps for iOS 8.

AppAdvice Daily: Easily Share Your Location With These Apps

Learn how to easily share your location using Maps, Find My Friends, or Glympse on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Apple Updates Find My Friends With An iOS 7 Inspired Design

The app is one of the last from Apple to receive a makeover.

New Icons For iPhoto, GarageBand Suggest iOS 7 Updates Are Incoming

At long last, updates for iPhoto and GarageBand, at least, appear to be in the pipeline.

Apple Updates Its iLife Suite For iOS Ahead Of iOS 7

Did Apple's iLife iOS applications recently receive an update preparing them for the launch of iOS 7?

Celebrating The App Store: Top 5 Favorite Apps

We love you App Store, but we love your apps even more, so on today's show we're checking out some of our favorites.

Apple Unveils Find My Friends Update Featuring Revamped Location Alerts

The new interface makes it easier to set and fine tune location-based alerts.

How To Geo-Fence Your Friends In A Non-Creepy Stalker Kind Of Way

With Find My Friends you can get location based alerts when your friends or family members arrive at, or leave a specific location

Make Siri Smarter: Part Two

Today is part two in the Making Siri Smarter series, so watch the show and brush-up on your Siri skills.

Apple Buying Foursquare Would Unlock Passbook's True Potential

To make Passbook truly special, Apple should buy Foursquare. Imagine the possibilities ...

Apple Updates iPhoto, Podcasts And Other Official Apps With iOS 6 Support And More

Following the release of iOS 6 today, it’s no surprise that Apple has also released a succession of updates for its iOS apps, in addition to approving a slew of third-party apps.

AppAdvice Daily: Ways To Stay In Touch

Never be far from home when using this group of apps.

Apple Updates Its Apps

Apple announced several major and not-so-major updates to its apps at WWDC today.

AppAdvice Daily: Apps We Loved In 2011, Win Medina, And Kittehs Love The iPad

We have some of our most used apps from 2011, a chance to win Medina, and a cat that loves Fruit Ninja.

The iOS Academy: Find My Friends

Find out how to use Apple's Find My Friends app in today's iOS Academy.

Jailbreak Only: Send My Location - Share Your Location Using The Messages App

A new jailbreak tweak called "Send My Location" allows iPhone owners to easily share their current location via SMS.

Apple Needs To Get Out Of The Man Cave With Its iOS App Designs

It’s no secret that Apple spends a lot of time designing the look of their iDevices. Whether it is the iPhone 4S (which is really just the iPhone 4 with better guts inside) or the iPad 2, it’s obvious Jonathan Ive and his team are perfectionists at heart. Apple’s attention to detail, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to extend to its recent app designs. These, in my opinion, just plain suck.

AppAdvice Daily: iOS 5 Everything You Need To Know

iOS 5 has tons of awesome new features. Check out our video walkthrough to see how they all work!

Apple's "Find My Friends" App Is Now Available To Download [Updated]

Apple has just released its Find My Friends application in the App Store.

Apple Announces Find My Friends App

Apple announced a new app called Find My Friends. The app will be a part of Apple's iCloud service and lets users share their locations with each other, similar to competitors Foursquare and Google Latitude.

Find My Friends - New iCloud Feature Or More Twitter Integration?

Last January, we reported that some sort of Find My Friends feature was discovered in the iOS 4.3 beta. Of course, once released to the public, the iOS contained no such feature. Now, similar code is being found, but this time within HTML code from the recently launched website, according to 9 To 5 Mac.

Do We Need More “Social Interaction?”

The new iOS 4.3 beta contains lots of code concerning social networking. What is it, or what would you like it to be?

"Find My Friends" Service Coming Soon?

You might be able to "Find My Friends" in the next iOS 4.3 update. But what does this mean?