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find my iphone

Apple finally switches over to Apple Maps for the Find My iPhone interface

The feature used Google Maps data since first being introduced in 2012.

Apple updates its iPhone and iPad apps with support for iOS 8

Apple has updated most of its iOS apps for iOS 8.

Apple's Find My iPhone to blame for iCloud celebrity photo leak?

The latest news on the iCloud celebrity photo scandal.

Smartphone 'kill-switch' bill now awaits governor's approval in California

California's smartphone "kill-switch" bill could soon be made law in the U.S. state.

New 'Send Last Location' Option In iOS 8 Makes Tracking Lost Devices Easier

The new "Send Last Location" option allows a device's last known location to be automatically sent to Apple when the battery drains to a critical level.

Bug In iOS 7.1 Lets Thieves Disable Find My iPhone Without Entering A Password

Thanks to a recent YouTube video, iOS device users now have another security bug to worry about.

Apple Updates Podcasts, iTunes Movie Trailers And Find My iPhone For iOS 7

Apple has updated its Podcasts, iTunes Movie Trailers, and Find My iPhone apps for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Updated: Apple Pushes iOS 7 Version Of Find My iPhone, Leaving iOS 6 Users Screwed

If you're running any version of IOS 6, don't update to the newest version of Find my iPhone.

Updated Find My iPhone App Now Has Driving Directions To A Device's Location

The handy app allows users to locate, lock, or even erase a lost or stolen, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac computer.

Stuck In Guided Access Mode? Here’s How To Disable It

Recently, we've figured out a clever way to break out of Guided Access without the passcode that's normally required to disable it.

How To Use Lost Mode To Help Recover Your Missing iOS Device

Lost Mode for iOS 6 allows you to securely lock an iOS device and display a custom message along with a contact number on.

New Patented Apple Technology Tracks Unauthorized Use Of An iOS Device

The technology makes the useful Find My iPhone app look simple in comparison.

Apple Updates iPhoto, Podcasts And Other Official Apps With iOS 6 Support And More

Following the release of iOS 6 today, it’s no surprise that Apple has also released a succession of updates for its iOS apps, in addition to approving a slew of third-party apps.

Another Reminder To Install Find My iPhone, If You Haven't Already

Here's a great Find My iPhone "success story." Remember, this free service could save your iDevice!

Apple Updates Its Apps

Apple announced several major and not-so-major updates to its apps at WWDC today.

Tech-Savvy 8-Year-Old Tracks Down Burglar With Find My iPhone App

Thanks to the Find My iPhone app, and a little technical know-how, Landon Crabtree is already helping track down criminals at the ripe old age of eight.

Upcoming App: Find Your Missing iDevice - Even If The Battery Is Dead

Stop tearing your hair out when you lose your iDevice and the battery is dead. This Kickstarter App could save your sanity.

Family Member Helps Searchers Locate Plane Crash Site With Find My iPhone

In a recent military plane crash tragedy in Chile, Navy search and rescue teams were hampered by bad weather in an effort to locate a downed aircraft. Knowing that a loved one on the flight carried an iPhone, family members stepped forward to help the authorities.

Apple's Online Find My Mac Feature

Find My Mac will let you locate, lock and remotely wipe your Mac if it's lost or stolen. And it's free!

Apple's New, iCloud-Powered Find My iPhone Service Goes Live

At the beginning of the week, Apple launched its iCloud Web interface for developers (which can be accessed at Now, the company has launched its new, iCloud-powered Find My iPhone and Find My Mac services, which can also be accessed by developers from iCloud's Web interface.

New Patent Suggests Improved "Find My iPhone" Solution, But One That Might No Longer Be Necessary

A new patent filing suggests Apple could eventually release something best described as “Find My iPhone” Part II. This patent involves technology that would help individuals secure their data more effectively in case their iDevice is stolen, according to Patently Apple. Still, we wonder if it is even necessary.

Apple Adds "Find My Mac" Feature To New OS X Lion Developer Preview

Apple has added a "Find My Mac" feature in the fourth developer build of OS X Lion, the company's upcoming desktop operating system (which will be released in July).

Apple Updates "Find My iPhone" App In Relocation To iCloud

Apple's "Find My iPhone" app has been updated to version 1.2 as part of iCloud's housewarming party.

How Your iPhone Can Survive a 1,000 Foot Fall

Want to make sure your iPhone 4 never breaks? Perhaps you should purchase the case that helped protect an iPhone when it fell 1,000 feet to the ground.