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Increase security and convenience with these apps that use Touch ID login in iOS 8

Increase the security and convenience of your login experience by grabbing these apps, now with Touch ID support.

New Video Compares Fingerprint Scanning On iPhone 5s, Galaxy S5

How does Apple's Touch ID compare against the Galaxy S5's own fingerprint scanner?

How To Teach Touch ID To Recognize More Than 5 Fingers

Is it a feature or a bug? Either way, Touch ID can learn to recognize more than five fingers using this method.

That Didn't Take Long: Hackers Outsmart Apple's Touch ID

One group of hackers has already uncovered a means of bypassing Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

How To Set Up And Use Touch ID On Apple's New iPhone 5s

Here's how iPhone 5s owners can set up and use Touch ID.

Apple's Touch ID Can Be Used With 'Other' Body Parts, Too

Apple's Touch ID can be used with a nose, a toe, and even a nipple.

New Report Blames Fingerprint Sensor For iPhone 5S Production Issues

Apple's iPhone 5S could suffer production issues due to its rumored fingerprint sensor, according to a recent report.

Could Fingerprint Authentication Be The Main Selling Point Of Both An iPhone 5S And iWatch?

A new report is stating that the biometric technology could even appear in the wrist-worn accessory.

Future iPhones To Feature Fingerprint Recognition Software?

Is Apple planning on implementing fingerprint-powered mobile payments in a future version of the iPhone?