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Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Boulder Dash with this brand new puzzle adventure sequel

Boulder Dash's 30th anniversary sequel is out now on iOS.

Classic Puzzle Adventure Game Boulder Dash Set To Get 30th Anniversary Sequel

In celebration of its three decades of gaming longevity, the popular puzzle adventure game is getting a brand new sequel aptly called Boulder Dash - 30th Anniversary.

Spy Vs Spy Sneaks Into The App Store

Fans of the popular MAD Magazine comic strip and 1984 video game became very excited by the possibility of a reboot hinted at in cryptic teasers. Now, it is time to experience or re-experience the split-screen action on your iDevice.

Spy Vs Spy For iOS Officially Announced, Coming Soon To The App Store

Robots and Pencils has now officially announced the game's details and launch window via press release, plus posted an official gameplay trailer.