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Warp Shift is an Enchanting New Puzzler from FISHLABS

Navigate a labyrinth of boxes and find the portal home in this gorgeous new puzzle game from FISHLABS.

Hit point-and-click adventure game Lost Horizon out now on iOS

Originally released for PC in 2010, the acclaimed historical point-and-click adventure game Lost Horizon is now available on iOS.

Boldly Go To 'Different Worlds' With The Latest Update To Galaxy On Fire - Alliances

Fishlabs has just released another major update to Galaxy on Fire - Alliances.

Fishlabs Loads Up Galaxy On Fire - Alliances With New Features And Improvements

Fishlabs has just issued the first major update to Galaxy on Fire - Alliances.

Fishlabs Releases Supernova For Galaxy On Fire 2, Complete With iPhone 5 Support

It has been nearly two months since Galaxy on Fire 2 fans were provided with initial footage and a promise of September for the Supernova add-on. As promised, Supernova is now available, along with several other additions and improvements.

New Wintry Course, Scoring System, And More Available In Sports Car Challenge v1.2

Sports Car Challenge already had one major update before the end of last year and has now gained even more content, including a secondary race course.

Galaxy On Fire 2 Expansion "Valkyrie" Now Available

Galaxy on Fire 2 expansion released as an in-app purchase as an in-app purchase of $4.99. The game offers gameplay improvements and additional storyline elements.

Review: Galaxy On Fire 2 - The Wait Is Over

Galaxy On Fire 2 has finally arrived after a year in the making. The space adventure sequel looks to push the bounds of the iPhone platform. Read on to find out how it performs, and if it's worth $6.99.

Get An Even Bigger View Of The Track With The Upcoming Rally Master Pro For iPad

Fishlabs is looking to take its rallying simulation game, Rally Master Pro, to the iPad later next month. The new version will feature iPad optimized graphics and a couple new features to round out the already exciting title