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Score your foods and eat more Wholesome with this new app

If you want to truly eat better foods, this app dives deep into the nutritional values.

MyFitnessPal introduces Restaurant Logging to help stay focused while eating out

Users can view calorie and nutrition information from menus of more than 500,000 restaurants in the United States.

How to lose weight using your iPhone

Make a commitment to get in better shape.

Turn your fitness into a game with Wokamon, the monster pet making pedometer

With a recent update to Wokamon, you'll find new ways to have fun while staying fit.

Get into shape with your iPad and these apps

Take command of your workout with the apps in this AppGuide.

Apple Watch can learn your stride, according to Christy Turlington-Burns

Thanks to a recent blog post, we have learned that the Apple Watch can track some fitness activities without an iPhone nearby.

Get Up - Work Break Timer encourages you to be more active

This new app will help you remember to take those "get up and move around" breaks that are so important.

Keep track of those calories and get healthier with these iPhone apps

Eat better with these calorie counting apps.

Fitbit releases 2 new wearable devices, more motivational tools for current users

The Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Charge Surge are now available.

Apple Watch said to gain additional sensors and 'richer' features for health and fitness

Apple is reportedly planning on adding more health-focused sensors and features to later versions of the Apple Watch.

M7-powered fitness app Endomondo Life logs steps, distance covered and more

The popular Endomondo fitness service has a new app to go along with it that will track your basic every day movement.

The Speed Up App Motivates Runners To Beat Their Best Time

The best workout motivation is to run at your set speed, or lose your music.

Samsung's Late-May Event Hopes To Cast A Shadow Over WWDC, iOS 8

Samsung has scheduled a special event of its own for the week before WWDC.

AppAdvice Daily: Horrify Your Workout With Zombies, Run

Run for your brains in the fast paced workout game Zombies, Run. We're giving it our best bite on today's show.

Apple Makes Another Significant Medical Device-Related Hire

Apple's latest hire could help it launch both the long anticipated iWatch and its Healthbook app.

The 4 Apple 'iWatch' Alternatives You Really Need To See

These four new wearable devices might make you forget Apple's "iWatch."

Pedometer++ Offers A Super Simple Pedometer For iPhone 5s Users

Searching for a simple pedometer application for your iPhone 5s handset? Then look no further.

Heartbeats Introduces Your Bluetooth Heart Monitor To A Pebble Smart Watch

Heartbeats is a new application that owners of the Pebble smart watch might appreciate.

It's Time To Keep Track Of Your Daily Activities With Moves

Looking for an alternative to paying out a hundred dollars for some fitness tracker? Moves is a free app that has you covered.

Healthy Is Just A Click Away With These Apps

This AppList is designed to help you start on a journey to total wellness.

Let Your iPhone Help You Get Healthier With These Calorie Counters

Find the calorie-counting iPhone app that best fits you with this new AppGuide.

Stay Committed To Your Diet With These IPad Apps

Tired of making the same resolution to lose weight? Get the results you want this year with the help of your iPad and these apps!

Start Making The Most Of Your Workouts

If your workouts have become uninspired, look no further than your iPhone for a little bit of motivation.