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Footage: iPhone 4, Windows Phone & Nexus One Browsing Experience Compared

Apple's iDevices are incontestably the benchmark products when it comes to mobile computing nowadays. Two weeks ago already, we've seen the first Windows 7 slate prototype being ran against an iPad. This week, it's windows phone's turn to get the same treatment, against an iPhone 4.

Footage: iPad Versus Windows 7 Tablet

While we know you would never consider a Windows 7 "Slate" over the wonderful iPad (I really love that device), here is something that should make you feel even better about your decision.

Video: The AntennaGate Song

Inspired by AntennaGate, one iPhone 4 user decided to put it all into music. And, it's not bad at all. Let's just say it puts it all into perspective.

Video: iPhone 4 Dismantled In Stop-Motion

Ever wondered what your iPhone 4 looks like on the inside, but don't have the attention span to check out iFixit? The folks over at TechRestore have put together a great teardown video of their own.

Video: iPhone 4 Going UP

A couple of guys from a local LA radio station undertook an unusually interesting (and crazy) project this week; shoot some aerial footage using an iPhone 4.

Footage: Star Wars iPad Unveiling & True iPad Magic

What about some iPad-related YouTube humor to finish up the day?

Footage: The Coat Hanger iPad Stand

Unleash the Mc(gruber)gyver you with this coat hanger iPad stand.

Footage: iPhone 3GS & Pico Projector Combined For Some Immersive Gaming

Love playing on your iPhone? Great. Now jailbreak it, plug it to a laser pico projector and install an augmented reality warfare game. This, will blow your mind:

Video: Pianist Finishes Concert On His iPad

In a concert at San Francisco's Davie's Symphony Hall on April 19th, Chinese pianist Lang Lang used nothing else than an iPad for one of the encores.

Footage: Kitten Meets iPad

Iggy the Cat discovers the iPad and digs it.