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forest moon games

Colorful Puzzle-Platformer Mimpi To Launch Soon In The App Store

Mimpi is a colorful puzzle-platformer which should be available to download in the App Store around September 2013.

Knitted Deer Is A Sweater-Themed Endless Runner

The newest iPhone-only game from Forest Moon Games has an awfully unique theme.

Knitted Deer Isn’t The Usual Endless Runner

When it hits the App Store Thursday, Knitted Deer will bring a unique twist (of sweater yarn) to the endless runner genre.

How Quickly Can You Get To The Idol? Find Out In Relic Rush

Relic Rush is a retro-style pixellated adventure game.

Pixellated Adventure Game Relic Rush Set To Hit The App Store Tonight

Check out Relic Rush, a new retro adventure game from Forest Moon Games.

Forest Moon Games Launched, Offering Indy Titles For iOS And Mac

A new indy development company has been born out of Crescent Moon Games. Forest Moon Games will offer titles for iOS and Mac.