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fotopedia heritage

Fotopedia Morocco Reveals The Country That Travels Within You

Fotopedia arrives in Morocco as their latest travel app for iOS debuts. Visit Casablanca, Tangier, and more.

Fotopedia's Apps Look Even Better, Retina Display Supported For New iPad

Fotopedia, the San Francisco, California-based iOS developer, today announced Retina display support for seven apps for the new iPad - Fotopedia Heritage, Paris, Japan, Wild Friends, Women of the World, North Korea, and Dreams of Burma.

Fotopedia Wild Friends Arrives In App Store

Fotopedia, the folks behind the popular line of iOS visual travel apps, has released their newest title. The free Fotopedia Wild Friends arrives today in the App Store.

Fotopedia Paris: Take A Tour Around The City Of Lights, From Your Couch

Fotopedia Paris is a new, free universal application that can take users on a virtual tour of Paris. The app includes more the 4,000 stunning photos of art, architecture, cafes, castles, and more.

Review: Fotopedia National Parks - Visit The National Parks On Your iDevice

Fotopedia gives you a plethora of amazing photography, this time highlighting the U.S. National Parks. Click through to find out all about it.

Review: Fotopedia Heritage - Traveling Photobook

Have you ever wanted to travel to exotic locations, but the price has kept you back. Well there's a new universal app that gives you photos of tons of points of interest, and it's completely free.