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foursquare labs

Foursquare now lets you spend your coins in Swarm

You know those coins that you’ve been collecting in Swarm by Foursquare? Well, you can finally spend them on something.

Foursquare updates Swarm with 3D Touch feature for check-ins

Do you get a kick out of checking in to places using Swarm? Do you have an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus?

Foursquare updated with interactive notifications and 1Password integration in iOS 8

Foursquare has just updated its flagship local search and discovery app with new features for iOS 8.

Will Swarm Become Your Go-To App For Checking In On Foursquare?

Did Foursquare really need to create Swarm for check-ins?

Check It: Foursquare Updated With Improved Check-In Notification Settings

Foursquare, the popular location-based social networking app, has just received another update.

Foursquare Releases New App Specially For Business Owners

Foursquare Labs has just released its second app. But unlike its first, the official Foursquare app, this app is specially made for business owners rather than customers.

Foursquare For iOS Updated For More Interesting Exploration And Check-Ins

Just a couple of weeks after it got its palindromic 5.3.5 update, Foursquare has now received its major 5.4 update.

Wow! Foursquare Goes Palindromic With Latest Major Update

Madam, I'm Adam. Except I'm not. Truth is, I just wanted to start this post about the latest update to Foursquare for iOS with a palindrome.

Foursquare 5.0 Puts A Premium On Exploration Rather Than Checking In

Arguably the most popular among location-based apps, Foursquare has been substantially upgraded.