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Supply chains support 'iPad Pro' September production start

More sources are emerging in support of a fourth quarter production start for the 12.9-inch iPad.

Foxconn wants to make high-end screens for Apple and others

Foxconn hopes to take more of the Apple pie.

Apple CEO Tim Cook visits Foxconn's iPhone 6 factory in Zhengzhou during trip in China

Apple CEO Tim Cook has just paid a visit to one of Foxconn’s factories during what he calls “an early highlight” of his business trip in China.

Foxconn employee charged with stealing shells for Apple's iPhone 6

The suspect allegedly began stealing iPhone 6 shells in July.

Pegatron contracted by Apple to handle 50 percent of 4.7-inch 'iPhone 6' production

Pegatron has reportedly landed 50 percent of the orders for the 4.7-inch model of Apple's "iPhone 6."

Apple's 'iPhone 6' to start production next week for 4.7-inch, next month for 5.5-inch

Mass production of Apple's so-called "iPhone 6" is set to kick off at Foxconn this month.

Foxconn's 'Foxbots' To Work Alongside Humans In A Supporting Role, Report Claims

Foxconn's robot army isn't going to be replacing human workers, according to a recent report.

Foxconn's Upcoming 'Foxbots' Could Build Your Future iPhones

Our future iPhones and iPads could be assembled by Foxconn's army of "Foxbots."

Foxconn And Pegatron Go On Hiring Sprees For Production Of Apple's 'iPhone 6'

Apple's chief manufacturing partner is set to carry out its largest single hiring spree as it prepares to produce the so-called "iPhone 6."

Future iOS Device Displays Could Be Manufactured By A Foxconn-Sharp Partnership

Could Foxconn and Sharp help Apple move display orders away from Samsung?

Foxconn To Start Production On Apple's 5.5-Inch 'iPhone 6' In August

Here is some big news for those waiting for a 5.5-inch "iPhone 6."

New Foxconn Renders Provide A Closer Look At Apple's Bigger, 4.7-Inch iPhone 6

Apple's iPhone 6 is pictured in some recently leaked renders reportedly from Foxconn.

Purported Images Of The Chassis For Apple's iPhone 6 Hit The Web

New images claim to show the chassis and manufacturing molds used for Apple's iPhone 6.

Apple Is Set To Automate iPhone Battery Production Later This Year

Apple is expected to use automated production lines for iPhone batteries from later this year.

Production On Apple's Next iPhone Reaches A New Milestone

Production is moving forward on the next iPhone.

Foxconn Is Said To Have Shipped 1.4 Million iPhone 5s Handsets To China Mobile

It looks like iPhone preorders with China Mobile have been rather impressive, after all.

Apple: The Death Of A 15-Year-Old Pegatron Employee Was Not Work Related

Apple says that the death of an underage employee at Pegatron was not work related.

Report Claims Apple Is Testing 12.9-Inch iPads With 2K, 4K Displays

Apple is testing 12.9-inch higher resolution iPads, according to a recent report.

Foxconn Claimed To Have Boosted iPhone 5s Production At The Request Of Apple

One Foxconn plant is producing 500,000 iPhone 5s handsets each and every day, according to a recent report.

Apple's Primary Manufacturer Is Bringing 500 Jobs To Pennsylvania

Foxconn is investing $40 million in Pennsylvania.

Foxconn Shifts iPhone 5c Production Elsewhere Due To 'Unsatisfactory Sales'

Apple's largest manufacturer will concentrate on producing the iPhone 5s going forward.

Apple Decreasing iPhone 5c Production, Report Claims

Apple is said to have decreased iPhone 5c component orders with a number of suppliers.

Foxconn Enjoys 41 Percent Profit Increase Thanks To Apple's iPhone

Thanks to strong iPhone sales, Foxconn saw impressive net profit during Q2 2013.