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freemium apps

Freemium Games In The UK Are Set To Change Considerably On April 1

What you need to know about the new freemium app rules.

ESPN Offering Angry Radio App Customers Full Refunds

For those that purchased the ESPN Radio app after May 15, we've got some good news for you.

ESPN Offers Free Insider Access, Shop Discounts For Affected Radio App Users

After a slew of negative ratings, ESPN offers slighted Radio users an olive branch.

Paid ESPN Radio App Locks Out Users On August 1

In going freemium, ESPN Radio has willfully alienated its entire paying customer base.

IAPs Not At Fault As Ngmoco Halts Support For Popular 'Eliminate' FPS

Struggling publisher Ngmoco is closing up shop on one of its most popular titles ever.

Freemium's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose

Freemium is certainly present in the App Store, but it is based on business model that isn’t as reliable or straightforward as paid apps. Compounding this is the demand of customers to get free content from the Web.

"Freemium" Apps Doing Quite Well

In-app purchases are making big bucks for developers of free apps. Read more ...