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freemium games

Yes, there’s even a Game of War rap video

Like it or not, freemium games have truly taken hold on Apple’s App Store.

Big-budget Super Bowl ads from iOS games Clash of Clans, Game of War and Heroes Charge pay off

A new report says that all three freemium games registered an increase in downloads.

Run Your Own Personal Campground In Campers!

Campers is a freemium campsite management game with cute graphics and a frustrating control scheme.

Manage Your Own Nut House In Happy Squirrels

Happy Squirrels is a tree-building time management game that’s reminiscent of Tiny Tower.

Breed Fish With Unique Personalities In Fish With Attitude

Fish with Attitude is a fish-breeding simulation where players will breed fish to create new fish.

IAPs Not At Fault As Ngmoco Halts Support For Popular 'Eliminate' FPS

Struggling publisher Ngmoco is closing up shop on one of its most popular titles ever.

We Are In Love With Freemium Games

If you enjoy downloading free games from the App Store, you’re not alone. In fact, since the first half of 2011, 65 percent of the App Store revenues are coming from these apps, according to Flurry.