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Radar - Stay Informed lets you keep up with your contacts

To keep up with what your friends and colleagues are doing on social networking sites, there's an app for that.

Challenge your friends in these iOS turn based asynchronous games

Gaming with friends will be easy with these games.

How To Spend A $25 iTunes Gift Card Thanksgiving Edition

This week's list takes a decidedly holiday turn.

Let Your Closest Friends Know When You'll BRB

Gone are the days of sending everyone a text message saying that you'll be right back.

Make Friends, Get Power

Your friends are starting to worry about you. Get back in the world with these apps.

Follow Your Friends And Family With Insyde Story

Insyde Story could easily be the next Facebook or come quite close to it. It's a new social networking app packed with features and is sure to make an impact in the App Store.

AppGuide Updated: Apps for Texting

Sure, Apple's new iMesseger may have been announced recently, but with so many people without iDevices, it may be of use to look at these texting app and dodge the bill that you carrier is eager to give to you.

Use Giant Globs To Open Doors And Rescue Friends With Seekee

Seekee is a clever new puzzle game where players must drag and drop globs into the appropriate slots. Help save all five elements and stop Seekee from destroying them all. Read Ahead to find out more.

Frienemy - Really Guys?

An upgraded version of the grade school "Why aren't we friends anymore?" notes that were passed during class.

QuickAdvice: All Your Friends, Now In One Place From Taptivate

Social networking overload? Tired of checking multiple apps a day for the latest going on with your Friends? How about you have your friend's contact info and social networking updates all in one single place? That's what you get with Friends. How does it stack up? Read on to find out.

Tapivate Looks To Gather Our Friends In One Place

Our friends are everywhere in our world of social networking: Facebook, Twitter, email and more. Now, the folks at Taptivate hope to gather each of them in one place. At least on our iPhone/iPod touch. Read more...

Facebook, The App Whose Developer Quit Due To Dislike For The App Store, Boasts 100 Million Active Users

While the developer of Facebook for the iPhone & iPod Touch famously quit in 2009 because he disliked the App store and its policies, the app has lived on.