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AT&T whines and cries about FCC-imposed fine

AT&T is taking issue with the latest recommended fines against it for throttling data speeds.

Spotify calls Apple's App Store tax anticompetitive

Scrutiny over Apple's App Store tax is really starting to heat up.

Snapchat's settlement with FTC over deceitful privacy practices gains final approval

The FTC has announced that it has finalized a settlement with Snapchat.

FTC wants assurances from Apple that HealthKit data will remain safe

The U.S. government organization is reportedly paying close attention to the upcoming Apple Watch.

FTC sues AT&T over its practice of throttling 'unlimited' data customers

The complaint alleges the throttling has affected at least 3.5 million customers.

FTC Claims T-Mobile Crammed Consumers For Years With Unauthorized Charges

The governmental organization said the carrier has made hundreds of millions from the charges.

Apple Will Offer Full Refunds To Customers Claiming They Made Unauthorized In-App Purchases

Apple will reimburse consumers affected by confusion over in-app purchases.

Google Fined Record Amount For 'Spying' On Mobile Safari Users

The Federal Trade Commission is about to levy its biggest monetary penalty ever.

Google To Pay Even More For Default iOS Search Status?

The U.S. FTC has called Apple to court over iOS search engine "favoritism."

FTC To Investigate Apple's In-App Purchase System

This isn’t surprising: The Federal Trade Commission is expected to review Apple’s in-app purchase system. This comes after the company has been heavily criticized for how easy it is to make purchases, especially for children.