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full fat

Endless running meets football and hockey in these new Blocky games

Check out these two games if you’re into sports-based endless arcade games with blocky graphics.

Is Full Fat's Sugar Rush Yet Another Ripoff Of King's Candy Crush Saga?

Sugar Rush looks like another Candy Crush Saga ripoff, but is actually quite different.

Get Shaken And Stirred By Running For Queen And Country In Agent Dash 2.0

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (which, of course, you will), is to update to Agent Dash 2.0.

Diamonds, That Is To Say Gems, Are Forever In Spying Endless Runner Agent Dash

Dash into the App Store and get the latest version of Agent Dash now.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For August 10, 2012

It's the weekend, so why not unwind with our top game picks for this week?

A Chance To Win Flick Golf For iPhone

Here's your chance to win a copy of the updated version of Flick Golf ($0.99) for iPhone and iPod touch.

NFL Flick Quarterback iOS Apps Get Updated - Add A Number Of New Features

Both NFL Flick Quarterback ($0.99) and NFL Flick Quarterback HD ($2.99) have recently received updates, adding a new game mode, a new stadium, additional touchdown celebrations and more.

Today On Festivus: Promo Codes For Splashtop Remote Desktop And Flick Golf Extreme

Wanna win a copy of Splashtop Remote Desktop or Flick Golf Extreme? Well, here's your chance!

NFL Flick Quarterback Launches On iPhone

NFL Flick Quarterback has arrived in the App Store. The iPhone/iPod touch uses flick and after-touch controls similar to those in Flick Golf and Flick Soccer.

Flick Golf Extreme! Takes Your Golfing To A Whole New Level

Have you mastered the courses of one of the best-selling iPhone games, Flick Golf? Well now it's time to take it to the next level in this beautiful and addictive sequel.

Coin Drop: An Addictive Puzzler Full Of UFOs, Lasers, Pins, Suns, And Bad Pennies

Full Fat, the creators of Flick Golf, proudly released the addictive puzzle game Coin Drop. Be the hero and save the Girl Coins in a Peggle-like experience that will have you attempting to bounce, twirl, launch, and otherwise manipulate coins to complete an adventure of both luck and skill.

Flick Golf Update Adds A Challenging New Mode And Nearly Doubles The Amount Of Courses

Flick Golf, Full Fat's rather neat take on portable arcade golfing, has been updated with all kinds of new content that will definitely put your golf ball flicking skills to the test.

Review: Flick Golf! - Flick It In The Hole!

It's time to golf in a whole new way with Flick Golf. You try to get your shot as close to the hole as possible by flicking to affect trajectory and spin. Read on to find out all about it.

A Chance To Win A Flick Golf Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

AppAdvice has teamed up with Full Fat in order to offer you a chance to win one of ten (10) promo codes for Flick Golf for iPhone and iPod touch ($2.99).