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Show Off, Decorate And Save Memories With These Apps

We have the best new apps and updates of the week on today's AppAdvice Daily.

New AppGuide: Fun & Educational Math Apps for Kids

It’s time for kids to crunch numbers in a fun way! These elementary school level math apps are a win-win for teachers and parents who want to motivate their kids to sharpen their math skills.

QuickAdvice: Morph Your Voice With Voicemod

Ever wonder what your voice would sound like if you morphed it into something else? voicemod does that job for you. Despite good intentions, the app suffers one flaw that keeps it from shining. Click through to learn more.

QuickAdvice: Shake Up Your Photos With PhotoShake

If you like to create fun photo collages to share with friends and family, PhotoShake will bring a whole new level of fun for the job. Sharing your creations has never been easier! Read on to find out more.

Build Your Own Gun? There's An App For That

Have you ever wanted to build and fully customize your own guns. With Gun Builder ($0.99) from Win Sheng Loh you can create an entrire arsenal of weapons configured anyway you want.

Universal App - Talk With Your Friends Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth Phone allows you to use your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to talk with your friends from up to 60 ft away using Bluetooth. This is a fun way to use the technology built in to your device to communicate for free.

Review: Sex-A-Ma-Phone

Sex-A-Ma-Phone tells you what you always wanted to know, weather you are hot or not so much. It will take you breath analyze it and give you a reading for you and your friends to laugh at.

Review: Instant Guitar Solo

A fun application that shows you what it is to make a solo but keeps you unsatisfied if your life revolves around music.

Review: 18,000 Cool Jokes

18,000 Jokes brings some great features to the table, but does it have funny jokes to match?