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Cause Of Death: Apple’s iOS 7?

Just in time for Halloween is this new video that pokes fun at iOS 7.

This Is What Would Happen If We Let Jony Ive Redesign Everything

If you hate the redesigned iOS 7, you'll love this Tumblr.

Sick Of iPad Rumors? We Are Too, But Check Out These Hilarious 'Facts'

Did you know that the iPad 3 comes shipped with Chuck Norris action jeans?

AppGuide Updated: Best iPad Joke Apps

Need a little more humor in your life? Check out some of our favorite joke apps for the iPad in this updated AppGuide.

Get Your LOLfill With The Official I Can Has Cheezburger App

Brush up on your "lolspeak," guys! The official I Can Has Cheezburger iPhone app is here for your on-the-go LOL-ing pleasure!

How Long Can You Bartend With Barman Hero?

Have you always dreamt of being a bartender? Well, practice makes perfect, folks! Try Barman Hero and live your dream!

Can You Save The Lemmings And Become The Ultimate Lemming Hero?

The first thing I thought of upon opening this app was, "Lemmiwinks, Lemmiwinks!" so I was immediately cracking up (if you have no clue what I am referring to, I suggest you watch more South Park).

Test Your Reflexes In Finger Slayer Wild

What a bloody mess! See how long you can keep your finger in a wild animal's mouth ... before your finger is bitten off!

How Long Can You Survive Unicorns And Rainbows In Techno Kitten Adventure

Techno Kitten Adventure will complete your life! You will not stop laughing from beginning to … well, it doesn’t ever really end.

QuickAdvice: Funny Status Updates For Facebook HD Adds Creativity To Your Facebook

Most Facebook status updates look alike, but your updates don't have to be boring like the rest. Why not add a little bit of creativity? Funny Status Updates for Facebook HD lets you flip your text upside down, post like a pirate, add humor and more.

AppAdvice Daily: The Top Joke Apps For iPhone And iPad

Do you think you're funny? Well these apps will put you over the top. See why iJoke, 18,000 Cool Jokes, Al's Comedy Club, and Best Rodney Dangerfield Jokes

The Temp Life Coming To iPhone For Fifth Season

If you're a fan of "The Office," work in an office or at least occasionally hold a job, then you need to check out "The Temp Life" app and podcast.

Review: 18,000 Cool Jokes

18,000 Jokes brings some great features to the table, but does it have funny jokes to match?