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Travel to Isla Dorada To Unlock The Secrets Of The Mysterious Island

Help this lost archeologist find the golden mask and her way home in this hidden objects game.

Solve The Old Clockmaker’s Riddle And Remove A Town’s Curse

Play this match-three game to rebuild a town and solve a mystery.

Help Jumpster Return To His Home Planet In This Platform Physics Game

Jumpster is a freemium physics plaformer with great graphics and challenging gameplay.

Solve The Mystery Of The Forest Spirits In Tales From The Dragon Mountain: The Strix HD

Tales from the Dragon Mountain - The Strix is a hidden object puzzle game with an engaging storyline, good graphics, and fun puzzles to solve.

Test Your Resort Building Skills In Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort HD

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort HD is a time management city building game with complex gameplay that’s both engrossing and fun.